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Howie Fines played by Jonathan Wilson

Howie Fines - if you need something 'Howie Fine's it'. Howie fines is a loveable character; in his first appearance he becomes Sue's informant and from that moment on Howie is an unofficial member of Sue's team. Although annoying at times Howie means well and he cares a lot about Sue and what she thinks of him as he proves in the first episode he appears in when he goes the extra mile to help them in a case and as a result of this he ends up in hospital. In Howie's later appearances he teams up with another 'entrepreneur' Otis Washington. Howie Fines' character is compared to Joe Pesci's Leo Getz (Lethal Weapon Movies) in the episode entitled The Actor.

The character Howie Fines is portrayed by actor Jonathan Wilson.