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Sue befriends a young married deaf woman who was a sculptor and she soon starts to notice the odd relationship Carol has with her husband and Sue starts to suspect he abuses her. Meanwhile, Dimitrius assigns Bobby and Myles to escort Howie and Otis to Phoenix to testify on a case and much to Bobby and Myles' annoyance Howie seems to be a magnet for bad luck. Back in DC Carol reports the accidental death of her husband but when Sue and Jack look a bit deeper they discover things are not what they seem.


Deanne Bray as Sue Thomas

Yannick Bisson as Jack Hudson

Rick Peters as Bobby Manning

Enuka Okuma as Lucy Dotson

Marc Gomes as Dimitrius Gans

Ted Atherton as Myles Leland III

Tara Samuel as Tara Williams

Jesse Renfro as Levi

Jonathan Wilson as Howie Fines

Jerome Williams as Otis Washington

Important Information
Directed By: David Warry-Smith
Written By: Dave Alan Johnson & Gary R. Johnson
Air Date (UK): 28/11/2004

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