An old acquaintance of Myles from his time at Quantico enlists Jack's help undercover as muscle for a lieutenant in the mafia. Tony also has his sights set on Sue and keeps enlisting her help much to Jack's disproval. When Tony's style puts Sue in danger Jack loses his temper and Sue sides with Tony. Lucy finds out some information about Tony that allows Sue to see he is not who she thought he was... the question is will Sue and Jack make up?


Deanne Bray as Sue Thomas

Yannick Bisson as Jack Hudson

Rick Peters as Bobby Manning

Enuka Okuma as Lucy Dotson

Marc Gomes as Dimitrius Gans

Ted Atherton as Myles Leland III

Tara Samuel as Tara Williams

Jesse Renfro as Levi

Important Information
Directed By: Larry A. McLean
Written By: Brian Bird & Bob Hamer
Air Date (UK): 31/10/2004

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