In order to catch a big time criminal Bobby goes under cover as a losing poker player. He works his way through the levels in order to get into the game with Marino. The only problem, as Jack points out to Bobby, is the Bobby has a gambling problem. Whilst this is going on Levi is acting crazy; when they take him to the vets they discover its a reaction to his flea medication. Lucy ends up taking Levi's sedative and Levi gets loose in the city.


Deanne Bray as Sue Thomas

Yannick Bisson as Jack Hudson

Rick Peters as Bobby Manning

Enuka Okuma as Lucy Dotson

Marc Gomes as Dimitrius Gans

Ted Atherton as Myles Leland III

Tara Samuel as Tara Williams

Jesse Renfro as Levi

Jack Jessop as Charlie Adams

Jonathan Wilson as Howie Fines

Eugene Clark as Ted Garrett

Polly Shannon as Darcy D'Angelo

Important Information
Directed By: Larry A. McLean
Written By: Dave Alan Johnson
Air Date (UK): 08/02/2004

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