Jack and Bobby inadvertently manage to get Sue her first snitch - Howie Fines. Howie develops an interest in Sue as she's the only one who's ever believed he was more than just a criminal - he wants to be apart of something and help. The others aren't too keen on Howie's involvement so when Howie's participation is cut he goes solo with some possibly deadly consequences. In the meantime Lucy and Myles discover a new office space has opened up and they want it but they have to go through Randy.


Deanne Bray as Sue Thomas

Yannick Bisson as Jack Hudson

Rick Peters as Bobby Manning

Enuka Okuma as Lucy Dotson

Marc Gomes as Dimitrius Gans

Ted Atherton as Myles Leland III

Tara Samuel as Tara Williams

Jesse Renfro as Levi

Charles W. Gray as Stan Eldridge

Jonathan Wilson as Howie Fines

Ed Sahely as Randy Pitts

Important Information
Directed By: David Warry-Smith
Written By: Kim Beyer-Johnson
Air Date (UK): 03/11/2002

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