16.1. Janet Bailey as Donna Gans

Donna Gans played by Janet Bailey

Donna Gans is the patient wife of Dimitrius Gans; she and Dimitrius have a boy and a girl. In Donna's first appearance she expresses worry about Dimitrius' job and given the fact that Dimitrius and his family are being threatened by a man that Dimitrius once put in jail her worries seem justified (A Blast From The Past). The next episode that Donna appears in is the Rocket Man and in this episode we discover that Donna is pregnant again; unfortunately Donna miscarries the baby and Dimitrius is not their because he is undercover which saddens him.

Despite all of this Donna stays patient and it is evident she is very much in love with her husband.

16.2. Karen Glave as Donna Gans

Donna Gans played by Karen Glave

The character Donna Gans is portrayed by actresses Janet Bailey and Karen Glave.