Amanda Duffman

Amanda Duffman played by Sammi Bourgeois

Is a young deaf girl who communicates via ASL. She is the only daughter of hearing parents; her dad worked a lot and didn't take the time to learn ASL because he was so busy and his wife was able to be there for their daughter. When his wife died he realised that he couldn't communicate with Amanda and that there was a large void between them. Amanda is very interested mysteries and is a big fan of Nancy Drew. Amanda remembers Sue from a talk she gave and reaches out to her when she witnesses a kidnapping as no-one believes her. Amanda is instrumental in helping the team foil a terrorist plot. Over the course of the case Amanda and Sue become close and her dad Kevin allows them to remain friends as he realises that it would be beneficial to have a woman for Amanda to turn to. Amanda adopts a Jack Russell dog which she names Togo. A year later Amanda has a crush on a boy named Ben and befriends him; in her efforts to fit in with more popular girls she inadvertantly treats Ben poorly, but with help from Sue and Lucy she figures out how to make things up to him. Amanda is an important friend to Sue and Levi.

The character Amanda Duffman is portrayed by actress Sammi Bourgeois.